#18349 Name: Anonymous   4h
I had a dog that was terrified of the ice cream truck. I tried buying him ice cream from it once. It didn't help.
#18350 Name: Anonymous   5h
New age beliefs make me sad, because in the back of my head I figure they always end in the 'manifesting my ex for ten years' vein
#18351 Name: Anonymous   5h
I love Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, AM Cassandre, JC Leyendecker, Otto Dix, Tamara De Lempecka... I feel like art went thru a very interesting period between 1890 and 1930, and we're still mining that vein...
#18352 Name: Anonymous   5h
My internship has made me feel more confident in my troubleshooting skills because the senior devs are as stupid as me. Like it's not a me problem, programming is just that hard to understand .
(We spent 1 hour trying to compile some source code only to give up & ask the vendor who told us the companies documentation was wrong)
#18353 Name: Anonymous   11h
That's the neutral end for them lol. The bad end is "living in the end" so hard your ex things of you as a stalker or trying to manifest a better relationship with someone abusive.
The craziest post I saw was "can I manifest a married SP back who gave me a restraining order" with comments encouraging them. The second crazies was "how do I revise my bf hitting me"
#18354 Name: KONZUKO   14h
i dont know what the future holds
yet i completely feel the hope
#18355 Name: Anonymous   16h
ganbare, konzuko-kun