#18039 Name: Anonymous   5min
its hot as fuck rn
#18040 Name: Anonymous   55min
Lord Xeen! Ruler of the Land of Xeen!
#18041 Name: dumbass   2h
yes yes
#18042 Name: Anonymous   2h
Ha ha ha hah, yes yes
Return of the B-boy style
Props to all the B-boys and B-girls in da house
(Cuz when I'm on the mic I like to speak freely)
Check it out
#18043 Name: Anonymous   4h
I hope you all have an excellent day tomorrow. Good night, fellow passengers.
#18044 Name: Anonymous   4h
you too ol buddy ol pal :)
#18045 Name: Anonymous   7h
A one off line from a children's book probably changed the course of my life. There was a scene where a girl had a crush on her teacher and her friend just randomly drops "By the time you're old enough to date him he'll be in cryogenic sleep waiting for a cure for oldness". That quote randomly popping up in my head has saved me from so many skeevy situations growing up. The rest of the book was about a time traveling panda in space
#18046 Name: Anonymous   9h
even at night it's still incredibly hot. it's terrible
#18047 Name: Anonymous   9h
Sounds like the admonition did it's job well.
#18048 Name: Anonymous   14h
Animals acting hyper is a like a cup of fresh water in the desert.

What's the book called?
#18049 Name: Anonymous   19h
When animals act hyper, people call it "the zoomies". When I act hyper, they call it "autism". Seems like a double standard to me.
#18050 Name: Anonymous   20h
I watched Shrek 2 on DVD and Simon Cowell was in it.
#18051 Name: Anonymous   21h
at the natural history museum peeping the trilobites

so sick bro, I love trilobites :)