#16647 Name: s0up   7h
dropping out is probably the best thing I've done
#16648 Name: talker-too-mucher   10h
Same! My only regret is not dropping out sooner. But hey.
#16649 Name: FishermanJoe   18h
I started to notice a pattern of behavior in the unsuccessfull people that I know, they always try to do things in the easyest way possible, without really understanding what they are doing, I think that this idea of "Don't workd hard, work smart" is bad becouse it gives lazy people an excuse to always go the easy path. Any of you reading this know how to make a person that acts like this understand the value of reading a manual, learning the theory and so on?

English is not my first language, I'm sorry if I made any mistakes.
#16650 Name: Anonymous   21h

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Damn, you just described me.
#16651 Name: Anonymous   22h
You're English was perfect : )