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#17600 Name: Anonymous   5h
Chocolate milkshake, but i really like tons of juices too.
#17601 Name: Anonymous   10h
#17602 Name: Anonymous   10h
iced tea :) but drinks are versitile and id try any
#17603 Name: Anonymous   11h
Matcha lattes.

I'm going to the gym soon. Wish me luck.
#17604 Name: Anonymous   13h
good luck! i need to get back into exercising. im moving out and onto campus soon, which means ill get free unlimited access to a gym and im very excited.
#17605 Name: Anonymous   13h
#17606 Name: Anonymous   14h
My new favorite is French press coffee with heavy whipping cream. It's my substitute for everything and anything these days.

But yeah, water is the best drink there is.
#17607 Name: exercising   15h

I've managed to have access to (tiny) gyms these last few days. Usually, I just train at home. It all feels so official. But it's been fun.

What are your workout goals?

That sounds exciting. Best of luck to you!>
#17608 Name: Hamppu   15h
Might have to try that- sounds delish!
#17609 Name: Hamppu   15h
My favourite drink might have to be orange juice, green and black tea (No milk or sweetners) served hot and ice water. I like Monster's Mango Loco. When it comes to coffee, I have a few favourite's. I choose coffee by weather conditions. :p
#17610 Name: css help   18h
does anybody have good websites for learning css besides w3schools? I think its helpful obv but it isn't really helping me when it comes to making my own layout, but I am also extremely new to css :p
#17611 Name: Anonymous   21h
I, too, need this advice so that my Neocities page will look nice.